We all know that around the holidays there always seems to be more porch pirates on the loose. Its not exactly shocking seeing as how so many of us are shopping online for Christmas presents or having gifts sent right to our loved ones. But there are some alleged porch pirates that are on the loose in the Longview area and while law enforcement has been notified you should be keeping an eye out.

Please remember that items can be replaced so it's really not worth getting into a fight with these desperate people. But I understand the frustration on having items that you paid for being stolen right off your front porch. Just realize that you have no idea how these people are going to act if you do confront them, don't put yourself in harms way.

Details on These Specific Alleged Porch Pirates

One person got pictures of these alleged porch pirates on their home security camera, unfortunately the camera didn't get a good look at their license plate. The theft took place around 11am last Friday, December 10th. The vehicle they are using is a 2017 Red Kia Soul. If you notice this vehicle in your neighborhood, call law enforcement and let them handle the situation.

This Isn't Your Normal Grab and Go

From the details shared online these alleged thieves will not just grab your package and run. They knock on the door to see if anyone is home. If not they will grab the package, if someone answers the door they come up with a story about wanting to clean your gutters or some other business idea.

The last thing we want is for you to become another victim, keep an eye out, but remember material items can always be replaced. Even as aggravating as it is to go through that process right before Christmas.

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