Saturday I invited one of my best girls over and we spent the evening redecorating the guest bedroom, and in the process I learned a few things.

I have always enjoyed rearranging and decorating. When I was a kid I was limited to my bedroom, but now I've got the whole house at my disposal. The guest room was repainted a lovely blue color nearly a year ago, but it was otherwise untouched and bare.

With a new bedspread, throw pillows, curtains and a little rearranging we managed to turn a really blah space into what now is lovingly referred to as 'the City Suite.'

Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media

I even tried out a trick that I had seen in Better Homes and Gardens where you trace your photos on paper, mark where they will hang, and then hang the paper on the wall with painters tape. Once the paper is hung, you can eyeball whether your arrangement needs to be moved up or down, and then I took the hammer and nails and hammered through the paper on my mark. It worked perfectly. The paper pulled right around the nail, and the photos all hung straight.

I utilized a lot of items that I already owned. I brought the Florence piece home from the office, and hung my own peacock painting as well. I love to travel, so that was displayed in the new duvet cover, and even my love for astrology appears in the phases of the moon and mirrored stars. I'm pleased, and the kitties love it. They have a new favorite spot!