It's safe to say there are numerous shows on television that are a bit of a disgrace to television. And anyone who watches these shows should be embarrassed. But it's these shows that keep us entertained the most, and most of them draw in the biggest audience.

Although I should be ashamed to admit it, some of my favorite television shows are ones that people would most likely just shake their heads at and say, "I can't believe you watch that!" But I'm not embarrassed, because I know they have some sort of show they wouldn't admit to watching if it saved their lives.

What's fun about guilty pleasures if you actually don't feel guilty?

My favorite TV shows include a tiny redneck pageant queen, a bunch of drunk guidos tearing up New Jersey and a rich family who is famous for not really doing anything.

Yep, 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' 'Jersey Shore,' and anything Kardashian are on my DVR daily. Don't laugh, you know you love these shows, too.

What TV show do you consider your favorite guilty pleasure?

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