A gunman opened fire at a Pee-Wee football game around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon in Fort Worth, Texas.  According to Fox News, the shooting followed an argument between parents at the youth-league game.

Investigators believe that one of the parents left the football fields near Eastern Hills Elementary School after the verbal altercation, only to return with a loaded firearm.

The unnamed shooter reportedly opened fire on the bleachers, scattering the crowd.  In the end, two people were transported to area hospitals with wounds.  Reportedly, a woman was shot in the leg and a young child was grazed across the back in the attack.  Both injuries have been described as non-life threatening.

The shooter is still on the loose, and so far police have made no arrests in this case. In fact, authorities have not even released the name nor any other detail about the suspect at the time of this report.

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