Hailee Steinfeld’s self-love anthem “Love Myself" proved to be a breakout hit for the actress-turned-pop-star, and she’s set on keeping that momentum going by teaming up with Joe Jonas’ band DNCE for a reworking of her latest single.

Hailee first released “Rock Bottom” as part of her debut EP compilation HAIZ, but she decided to add DNCE to the mix for the single version. Check out the music video above and their joint announcement below.

Hailee and Joe made headlines last year when the media ran with an April Fools prank (claiming the two were expecting a child together) that neither party denied for some time -- confusing fans and the media like. Perhaps as an attempt to recreate that prank, Joe played another one on Hailee when she made a recent appearance on the Australian radio show Smallzy's Surgery on Nova 96.9 FM.

Joe called in to the show, pretending to be an overzealous British fan named Harry, who had a gag-inducing request for the singer: “My first question is, it’s kind of weird, but can you send me some of your toenail clippings in the mail?”

After being prompted by the host for a legitimate question, Joe continued, “What was it like working with DNCE and that Joe Jonas?”

Hailee responded diplomatically saying, “It was really great. I had a wonderful time collaborating with them. I love Joe and the band.”

She then continued, seemingly in on the joke, when she responded further, "I think they took a lot away from it, actually. You know, Joe sings the whole second verse, which means I'm not singing it, so that kinda sucks, but whatever."

Check out a clip of the prank in the video above.

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