Well since we've all decided to stare our fears right in the face, and dare I say, celebrate them, on October 31, it seems an appropriate time of year to discuss some of the most common types of fears and phobias. First, let's get this one out of the way. Can we all agree that scary clowns are horrifying? Yes? OK, great let's proceed. By the way, the proper term for fear of clowns? Coulrophobia. Yes, it has an official sounding name.

*Disclaimer: No offense meant to professional clowns of the friendlier variety. Unfortunately, your line of work has been hijacked by purveyors of horror. Hugs.*

Here are some of the more common fears and phobias in our collective human psyche:

Agoraphobia: Ya know that fear you feel about opens places that might cause a feeling of vulnerability or helplessness? A feeling of being trapped? Yeah, that.

Astraphobia: I can't say I've ever been afraid of lightning--except for that ONE time when I was in an open field as a kid and it looked as if the lightning might just have easily struck me it was so close.

Chrometophobia: Believe it or not, some people have a fear of money. This one is always surprising to me.

Katsaridaphobia: What? Nope, not a fear of cats. However, if you've ever sincerely shuddered watching a cockroach dart out from one of your cabinets, you might be able to relate.

Melophobia: This one breaks my heart. Can you imagine having a fear of music? Then again, I've hear one or two songs that have filled me with utter horror. Does that count?

Musophobia: Personally, I've never been fearful of rodents. But, apparently enough people are that it warrants it's own term.

Nyctophobia: Ah yes--classic. Fear of the dark. (Or is it what hides within?)

Ophidiophobia: Yep. Fear of snakes? Yep.

Phasmaphobia: I ain't afraid of no ghost.

Spectrophobia: If it hadn't been for those slumber parties where we dared each other to say "Bloody Mary" three times, it wouldn't have occurred to me to be afraid of mirrors. I have been freaked out by my own reflection from time to time.

These are somewhat common fears, believe it or not. However, there are significant amounts of people who have a phobic fear of dancing, going to school, or of peanut butter sticking to the roof of their mouths. Wanna learn about even more? Verywellmind.com has a pretty full list here.

What scares you?



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