It's a $48 billion dollar industry and all across the U.S. java lovers are celebrating National Coffee Day on Saturday, September 29th.

It may be hard to believe, but I have yet to jump on the coffee bandwagon! I know right! You're probably saying there's something wrong with me! Everywhere you turn you see people carrying around their freshly served coffee protected by the paper sleeve but you won't with me carrying a cup (so far)! There's a co-worker here in the building though that has recently converted from being a Monster drinker to a coffee drinker and he's encouraging me to join the revolution, but so far I haven't.

When it comes to great coffee scenes in East Texas and where to get it, I of course think Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Kicker's in Gresham, the Foundry in downtown Tyler, Silver Grizzly Espresso or Downtown Coffee Shop in Longview and the many other excellent places across East Texas. The folks over at WalletHub took a look at the 100 largest cities across the U.S. and took into account 14 key indicators and came up with a list of the cities that love their coffee the most and only one Texas town made it in the top twenty, Austin, coming in at number seventeen. Here's a look at the top 10 from WalletHub:

  • 1. New York, NY
  • 2. Seattle, WA
  • 3. San Francisco, CA
  • 4. Portland, OR
  • 5. Los Angeles, CA
  • 6. Washington, DC
  • 7. Chicago, IL
  • 8. Miami, FL
  • 9. Boston, MA
  • 10. San Diego, CA
Source: WalletHub

While compiling this list, WalletHub also discovered that:

  • Irving, Texas (in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex) came in at number 3 on the list of the lowest average price of a cappuccino where Mesa, Arizona and Birmingham, Alabama tie for the highest average price.
  • You'll find the lowest average price per pack of coffee in Tulsa, Oklahoma followed by Corpus Christie, Texas, but stay away from Honolulu, Hawaii and Columbus, Ohio - they're the highest on average!
  • When visiting New York, you'll be in the state with the most coffee shops, coffee houses and cafes per capita, and whil in Portland, Oregon you'll be in the city with the most coffee and tea manufacturers per capita in the states.

If you want the hook up on a free cup of joe or a special discount, WalletHub has a list of deals, freebies and specials waiting for you!

So enjoy your coffee this morning, afternoon or evening and please let us know where you like to pick your daily cup of caffeine to get through the day with in the comment section below!

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