Tornado sirens were sounding in Eastern Harrison County Saturday afternoon as an EF2 tornado was racing through Scottsville destroying homes and property but thankfully no lives. Scottsville is located about two miles east of Marshall and that's where Jason Peterson called home until it was thrown about thirty yards from its foundation thanks to the tornado. Jason was in the middle of playing video games and felt his home shaking and lifting and tells KLTV 7,

Then I had tried to run to the closet, and tried to get in the closet, and I opened the closet and everything just fell down on top of me so fast. I just heard a shaking, and all I remember was being sunken in; just a fall. And then when I looked up, there was the sky, the tornado just passed me."

Jason and his little dog escaped the mangled mobile home without a scratch once the tornado passed through. His mobile home though, was destroyed. Jason has been sifting through the debris trying to salvage what he can and says he'll be taking it day by day because he had no insurance on his home.

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