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We all want to belong. We want to be a part of something. We want to be informed and make changes when we can. Thanks to social media, more and more East Texans are coming together to be a part of something.

With so much happening around us, we're sometimes oblivious to what's going on. New construction is happening all around, new businesses are opening their doors while some long-time businesses are closing theirs. Then there are traffic concerns, city services, and a wide variety of other things that people can cheer and rave about and tear down at the same time.

If it weren't for social media a lot of us would be completely clueless.

Belonging to a group makes us feel included, a part of a tribe. We're in these groups to contribute, to learn, to debate, to be informed, and to be amused at the same time. Here in East Texas, there is no shortage of local Facebook groups that you can instantly become a member of or ask for permission to be a member of.

You can follow local law enforcement groups, events and happenings groups, veterans groups, trading groups, and cooking groups and you can become a member of a private group, where only other members in the group can see what's being posted. The type and content from a group is endless and there is one for you out there.

Here are some of the groups that will keep you in the know of what's happening around East Texas and in your city and they might just offer up a good laugh every once in a while too!

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