Some people are so unscrupulous.  As one southeast Texas town just tries to get back on its feet after getting sideswiped by Hurricane Harvey, it's having to deal with thieves descending upon neighborhoods looking to pad their pockets. Recently in statement Police Chief of Vidor Police, Rod Caroll said:

...these people are the lowest of the low to steal from those that have lost so much. Eternal Damnation shall be their final punishment and there is no ICE Water in Hell. [WFAA]

Imagine having floodwaters rush into your house and ruin much of what had been normal and intact a day or two before that. When the flood waters finally recede and you're assessing the damage, the next thing you know you've got looters lurking around your neighborhood looking to take anything that's loose and salvageable.  It compounds and already complex problem, not to mention just makes us all sad.

Police made some arrests in Vidor, TX (right outside of Beaumont) last week, and the Chief of Police called the accused looters "the lowest of the low."   Vidor Police Chief Carroll had trouble understanding why anyone would steal from folks who had already lost so much, and it's possible that no one has a good answer for that.

WFAA in Dallas says those arrested include "Troy Pitre, 44, of Ragly, Broc Amanuel, 24, of Lake Charles, Blaine Pitre - 23 of Ragly, and a 14-year-old from Louisiana."

Hurricane Harvey Slams Into Texas Gulf Coast
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The good news is the Harvey relief effort is a million times bigger than this little bit of unsavory news, and the good vibes are growing a lot faster than the bad after Harvey. Texas will conquer this thing no matter what, right?  Big high fives to the good Texans that are chipping in to help during the massive relief effort.  With people like you involved, the good stories will outnumber the bad.

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