Believe it or not, today is actually a day to 'Have a Bad Day.' Get the story here.

The holiday was originally established for people who work in the customer service industry. The idea was that instead of wishing their customers a good day when they left, they would wish them a bad day.

Obviously this type of behavior could get even the best of employees in trouble with their bosses, so the holiday is not usually observed. But that doesn't mean that you can't still celebrate!

If you need any ideas for how to make the rest of your day a bad one, try one of these ideas:

  • spill food or a drink on your outfit
  • trip in front of a large crowd of people
  • leave your wallet in the car while you go inside the grocery store
  • call your parents but don't have anything to tell them
  • wish other people a bad day

But really, don't stress about making today a bad day...after all, it's not even Monday. Save the struggles for another day.

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