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While scrolling through TikTok the past few days I'm sure you've seen a lot of videos showing the damage that was left behind from last Thursday night's storm that rolled through East Texas. Videos showing the trail of destruction created by high winds and heavy rain, especially in the northern and eastern counties. There is a video coming out of Longview, Texas that shows what a Walmart looks like after going days without power.

The powerful and destructive storm knocked out power to more than 250,000 SWEPCO customers in the Gregg County area in addition to thousands of others who lost power from other co-op electric companies like Upshur Rural Electric Co-op. Local linemen and others from across the nation are working as quickly to restore power and services to those affected.

Without power for several days to refrigerators or freezers means residents, grocery stores, and convenience stores are going to have to discard a lot of refrigerated and frozen foods. That's exactly what has happened at this local Walmart in Longview. TikTok user @lifeonwileypage, shot a video inside a Longview Walmart showing how empty the refrigerated and freezer sections are.

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There is nothing left on any shelf in the refrigerated sections. It all had to be thrown out. The aisles are deserted leaving this section of the store eerily quiet along with a haunting feeling. The only other time I can remember a Walmart looking this empty is when there was a rush on toilet paper during the onset of the pandemic. This is no doubt costing the store a lot of money and homeowners too because now they're going to have to replace everything in their refrigerator once power is restored.

SWEPCO and other power companies anticipate power to be restored to the majority of those without power by Friday afternoon of this week.

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