God bless our East Texas meteorologists; they have a tough job. We all know the weather around  here changes every 15 minutes.

There are hilarious memes floating around social media that say what we all know… in East Texas, you can experience all four seasons in one day. It’s rare but happens, especially in the “January Shuffle.” If you missed how Texas should rename its seasons, you should check out that article now.

One of my favorite, funny TikTok Creators, Not Travis, has done it again. He’s created a funny TikTok sharing what we all have seen our favorite local weather men experience. They give us one forecast, and seconds later it seems to change.

Just when they tell us it’s going to be a chilly day and remind us to grab a hoodie, they discover that nope, wait a minute, it’s actually going to be a balmy 90 degrees and we can keep our t-shirts on.

Or, when they call for a significant chance of rain and then it drops 30-40 percent, before finally they tell us ‘just kidding’ it’s actually not going to rain at all today.

Then of course we have the severe weather options. ‘There might be a tornado.’ Who knows?

He ends the video with what we don’t ever see, but it’s bound to be happening off camera, the weather man with a drink and a very vague forecast. Something like this, ‘It’s going to be between 50 and 90 degrees, it may tsunami, it may not rain at all. We really don’t know.’

With a look off camera, he asks the questions, ‘ why am I employed? What is my job title? None of this is true. We really don’t know what is going to happen. It changes every five seconds.’

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