Finally, it's safe to walk around in the great state of Texas.

We've gotten through the extreme summer heat, and now we're in that part of the year that while it may be cold, it's at least a little bit easier to walk around in the state. With it brings us discovering parts of the state we may have never seen before. So adventure is certainly on the menu for some Texans.

But every season has it's changes, like the previously mentioned cold. Another example you ask? Well the changing colors of the leaves as well.

But, other things, like the previously mentioned nature, also adjust to climate like we do. If you've more sniffles and sneezing in December, well there's a reason for it. It involves...trees?

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Wait, Trees Are Causing Allergies In Texas? How?

Everybody is allergic to something of course, but there might feel like it's more in-season currently now. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it's because of mountain cedar trees. Known as cedar fever season, it begins in the middle of December, and wraps up in March.

So that's almost four months of pollen just attacking our nostrils. What's even more crazy? The Central Texas area is the main reason for the season. Thanks to the many Ashe Juniper trees in our area, the pollen isn't in a short supply.

Thankfully for those who are irritated during this season, there are ways to avoid being bogged down by the season, which the Star-Telegram provides. But we'll be bringing tissues in case the pollen gets us wheezing!

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