My occupation in the Army was "Petroleum Supply Specialist" and my job was to handle fuel for various units and aircraft. I learned quickly that fuel and petroleum can be transported in different ways but putting them in "plastic bags" was a huge no-no and you WOULD THINK that that little tid bit of common sense would apply to everyone but apparently it isn't.

As you've heard, there's a gas shortage that's affecting the East coast of the U.S. which has induced panic buying similar to what we saw last year at the start of the pandemic. While we're fine in Texas, we've still seen and heard reports of folks here getting in on the "hoarding" craze.

But some folks are getting themselves HURT trying to hoard up all the gas as we've seen lots of reports of cars literally BLOWING UP from people trying to transport gas in their cars which is a HORRIBLE idea. Here's just a few that we've seen:

We begin in South Carolina, where a video is making the rounds from Fox Carolina of a car that blew up after a rollover crash. Apparently, the woman who was driving the car was trying to make run from the cops who attempted to pull her over for having stolen tags while carrying several containers of gas she hoarded in the trunk which lead to several explosions.

Next, we swing over to Florida where WFLA reports that someone driving a Hummer filled up 4 FIVE GALLON containers of gas at a gas station and managed to drive just a few yards away before those containers went up in flames.

Anyway, don't hoard gas people, especially here in Texas, we're going to be okay.

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