Its starting to become pretty clear to THIS observer that we're NEVER going to get out of this pandemic as long as you continue to have hard headed people who flat out refuse to take anything involving this virus seriously. Then when we're forced into a "lockdown" they will be the first ones on social media and every else COMPLAINING about it.

According to XXL and The Houston Chronicle, Rapper Gucci Mane, fresh off the success of his recent VERZUZ battle with Jeezy, is catching flack after he performed this past Sunday night in front of a tightly-packed, standing-room-only crowd at Houston's The Address located at 3333 Raleigh Street.


As you can see in the video, not a mask was in sight and no "safety" protocols were in place. With Texas, especially Houston, as a raging hot spot for the coronavirus, you would think folks would do better but NOPE, the urge to see a "rapper" trumps the health of yourself and others.

Of course many on social media are pointing to the fact that most of the people who left that show will spend the "holidays" with loved ones and potentially continue the spread of this virus to them..... all to see "Guwop" is sad and alarming.

But I don't blame the venue, the artist, or the crowd. The blame should fall on the City of Houston who clearly isn't paying attention to what's going on in their city and letting "super spreader" events like this happen. So when hospitalizations go back up and lockdowns come back into play, don't complain okay...hope you enjoyed the show....Brrr.

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