On June 17, Abby Smith was driving home from work when she spotted a dog in the middle of the road obviously injured. Now this sweet animal needs our help.

Hazel is now at the vet thanks to Abby, who shares her story on Hazel's Go Fund Me page,

I, having a big heart for animals like I do, felt like I just had to stop and see if I could help her. I threw my car in park, turned on my hazards, got a blanket out of my trunk and opened up my back passenger side door. She immediately scooted over to me, and with help from another nurse who had stopped to help, scooted her way into the floorboard of my back seat.

Now Hazel needs your support. She's currently getting the vet care that she needs, but the costs are high due to the nature of her injuries. You can support the effort to heal her through Go Fund Me, but Hazel needs more than that. She needs to get home.

Abby learned that Hazel is micro-chipped, but the information associated with the chip is out of date. If you recognize Hazel, please help her find her way home by contacting Abby Smith through the Go Fund Me page. If you don't, please share her story in the hope she can be reunited with her family.

According to the most recent update, Hazel is doing well this morning. She has a follow up appointment tomorrow, but still no leads on getting in tough with her owners.

Abby Smith

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