In some form or fashion we all have a 'bucket list', a list of things to do before we die, but we might not all have the means or time to complete our list.

This was the case for one teacher in Tomball, Texas. Michelle Wisthand is a teacher that left an impact on any student that she taught. Mrs. Wisthand, a now retired middle school teacher of Tomball Junior High in southeast Texas had been diagnosed with a type of cancer that attacked her soft tissue. After learning from doctors that she had anywhere from two and five years to live, she created her bucket list reports CBS. Once returning to the classroom, she conveyed to her 8th grade students the news about her health and revealed to them that she had some wishes and things she wanted to see and do before she died.

One thing she wanted to do was "to go to the Redwood forest and put my feet in the Pacific Ocean," she told ABC 13 in Houston last February, who had been documenting her journey.

Her students worked together to get her enough money so that she could complete her bucket list by creating a GoFundMe account that raised almost $11,500! The power of these students coming together to aid their teacher is real heart warming and amazing.

Thanks to the donated funds, not only did Mrs. Wisthand get to see the Redwood forest and the Pacific Ocean, she was also able to see sea turtles in Florida, her son in Iowa and a hotel from one of her favorite movies in Mackinac Island, Michigan to complete her bucket list!

ABC 13 reports that Mrs. Wisthand has moved to a hospice facility and doesn't fear death, saying to the news station, "I have learned that people are kind and compassionate, and that Christ is my all."

While on the road trip completing things on her bucket list, she documented it through pictures on her Instagram account.

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