Most of us have the idea from television shows and movies that law enforcement can solve every crime. And while we have some very intelligent officers in East Texas sometimes there just aren't enough clues to put all the pieces together. It's not due to lack of effort but occasionally there are crimes that continue to go unsolved. Recently I found information on these 9 unsolved crimes from Gregg County, Texas.

Some of these crimes date back to 1981, we're talking about some families that have waited over 40 years to find out what happened to their loved one. These crimes happened in East Texas and these families deserve answers. Hopefully bringing attention to these cases will help dig up some much needed answers.

Read About All 9 of These Unsolved Crimes in Gregg County, Texas

You never know, you just might have a small bit of information that solves one of these crimes. Please take the time to reach about each of these crimes and think if there is any information you can pass along that would help solve one of these crimes.

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You Can Submit a Tip On a Crime in Gregg County, TX and Remain Anonymous

There are many people that like to remain anonymous when making a tip on a crime, you can do that in Gregg County too. There is a 24-hour anonymous tip line available at (903)236-7867, or you can even submit a tip online just by clicking here.

Here are the details regarding the 9 unsolved crimes in Gregg County, Texas.

9 Unsolved Crimes From Gregg County, Texas

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