If you ask just about anyone in Texas if they feel safe, most will say, yes. Texas is a big, beautiful state with so much to offer. But just like all parts of the country and across the world there is crime and negative things that take place in the lone star state as well. While we have some amazing law enforcement officers and laws that will hold people accountable, some still want to break the law. There are certain areas that seem to have more dangerous crime than others, so let’s look at the most dangerous cities in Texas. 

Again, this isn’t supposed to scare anyone, we should always do everything possible to stay safe and be aware of our surroundings. But if there are areas that seem to have more crime, we need to talk about it to create awareness, so these areas don’t continue to get worse. I’m not saying that anyone needs to take fighting crime into their own hands, but identifying a problem is normally the first step toward helping to solve that problem. 

Some Dangerous Cities in Texas You Would Expect on This List 

I love living in Texas and feel safe here, but I was also not shocked to see Houston named as one of the most dangerous cities in Texas. Although there are other cities that made the list that I wasn’t expecting. 

Let’s Look at the Most Dangerous Cities in Texas 

Here is a look at the most dangerous cities in Texas. You don’t need to avoid these areas, just be more careful of your surroundings.  

Be Careful: Here Are the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Texas

According to Crimedata.io here are the most dangerous cities in Texas in 2024.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

The Leading Causes of Death in Texas

These are the top 10 leading causes of death in Texas

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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