I didn't get what all the hype was about. Sweet tea from McAlister's Deli is just a nice little touch on lunch. Maybe a Saturday morning splurge. Then I had it and realized what I was missing. Now, McAlister's Deli is offering you their annual chance to try their cup of Southern love - FOR FREE.

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That's right, it's Free Tea Day this Thursday, July 23! It's how McAlister's shows their appreciation for its customers, and a way to 'cheers!' the community. I'm sure you may the feel the same way I do - we could all use a little community feel right now. We've been through a heck of a lot (with still quite the way to go), and if this give us just a day to celebrate a little bit of togetherness with other East Texans, this make me feel good.

So how do you score the free tea? It's really simple and completely virtual - you download the McAlister's Deli app to your phone. You can then place the order through the app (or through the website if you don't have a smartphone), and pick it up or schedule it for delivery!

If you're a McAlister's Rewards member, you will get a free tea reward added your account on Free Tea Day that will be good for 30 days. BONUS.

Again, it's just a simple way to say thanks, especially for you folks in Tyler. We made it through a temporary closure this year through the remodel, now we can celebrate again this week on Free Tea Day. Cheers!

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