Many Tyler residents who drive to and from work have had a lot to deal with this week. First it was snow and icy roads, and now it's flat tires. Comments on social media starting pouring in Thursday about punctured tires in the city after ice had melted on the streets of the East Texas city. According to news sources, there have been hundreds of punctured tires in Tyler this week - maybe even one of yours.

Last night, KLTV announced what the problem was, and the city of Tyler is trying to make up for it. When the roads became dangerous on Tuesday, the the city of Tyler used a substance to help vehicles with traction on the road, but now they're tearing up people's tires. According to KLTV and the public works director Scott Taylor, this substance is called slag.

Taylor told KLTV:

It's a mixture of what is called slag, which is a byproduct from the generation of pipe material. It came from Tyler pipe, it's crushed and we blend it with sand and we spread that out.

He believes the city has been using the substance for years, but now they will be reviewing whether to use slag in the future after this recent surge in tire damage. The city of Tyler is actively sweeping up the 345 yards of traction material that was laid out this week and will continue to do so on Saturday.

KLTV also said the city of Tyler asks any residents who received tired damage caused by this slag is asked to contact the city here.

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