When you get the annoying robocall and you're given the option to hit '2' to opt out of receiving additional calls, you might want to think twice before doing that!

It's one of the most annoying things that happens morning, noon and night - robocalls. When my cell phone rings, if a name does not show up that is tied to a contact in my contact list I totally ignore the call. If it is someone legitimately trying to call me then they'll leave a voicemail and I'll return the call and add them to my contact list. It seems as if over the last couple of months I'm receiving more and more of these annoying calls from all over the U.S. - like Washington, D.C., Austin, Houston, United States (with a 903 area code!), Phoenix, Collinsville, TX, West Palm Beach, FL, Conroe, TX, Karnack, TX and the list goes on and on.

When the topic comes up here at the radio station and how annoying these calls are, people say, yeah at the end of the calls they give you the option to press '2' and they'll stop calling you. My thought on this 'scam' is that it is not true! My reason for not doing this and just hanging up and believing it is that when you press the number 2 on your phone you are telling that robodialer that you're number is an active number.  Especially interacting with voice prompts and listening to their message and that someone will actually answer the phone! I believe that will lead to even more calls from these recorded telemarketers.

This is something that I've been doing for quite a while and my thoughts were backed up by a report I saw on ABC World News! The report said when pressing '2' when instructed could lead to even more robocalls! According to the FCC and a report from YouMail Robocall Index an estimated 2.6 billion robocalls were made in the month of July alone, up 177% since July 2015!

It's up to you but I've got a feeling that robocalls aren't going away, they'll happen more frequently and drive us even more crazy!

So the next time your cell phone or home phone (if you still have one like I do for some reason) rings and you don't recognize the number, it's probably better to ignore it and let it go to voicemail in hopes of the robocaller to consider your number as inactive! Of course you can still try registering your number with the National Do Not Call registry.

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