Because let's get real--for those who really adore Crumbl in Longview and/or Tyler, Texas, the love can turn into a type of mad obsession...

If you were to ask me what my favorite Crumbl Cookie is, I'd be hard-pressed to choose. And I have a feeling that would be the case for many East Texans who've come to know and love the Crumbl Cookie brand.

No, this isn't an advertisement. The obsession is real so there's no point denying that, for many of us, seeing that signature pink box filled with those sugar cookies with that signature pink icing can drive us to a sort of happy madness.

Do you know what makes it even harder? The fact that you can have them delivered to your FRONT DOOR. Yep. THAT'S what we need, right? Shockingly yummy, giant cookies delivered warm to your house. (Ah, it's wonderful.)

Recently, a young man with a popular Facebook page shared his first experience trying Crumbl Cookie. (It's popular because he tends to be rather hilarious.)

Anyway, he was hesitant about trying them especially when he saw how long the line was to get in. He even compared it to attempting to visit a Chick-fil-a at anytime EVER. There's ALWAYS a dang long line.

However, much the same as with Chick-fil-a, he realized there's a reason why there can be a bit of a line, and that wait is almost always worth it.

He shared his thorough, hilarious take on his first experience with Crumbl Cookie, and frankly, it has to be shared.

I feel he is a crazy poet of sorts (in the best possible way), articulating with chuckle-inducing detail the full sensory experience and how the deliciousness of the cookies can drive one into a type of alternate universe--both maddening and lovely. And well, I could go on but... Here ya go:

Anyway soooo... anyone wanna split a box?

Seriously though, what IS your favorite Crumbl Cookie? Or from anywhere? In fact, we have quite a few great places to get cookies in East Texas.

Here's just a few of the greatest:

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