Ready for a few good laughs? If you appreciate your elders, miss your grandparents, or just love good old East Texas Folks, this Top 10 is for you.

If you haven’t fallen in love with Pop Watch yet, you’re truly missing out. Longview’s most popular elder brings joy and laughter to millions who follow him on social media thanks to his grandson, Jason Roy.

Jason has been sharing videos of his relationship with his grandparents Pop and Nan on facebook for the past few years, and Pop’s humor resonates with so many that their following has grown to 3.4 million followers on facebook and 1.3 million followers on Tiktok.

In honor of family, fun and irreverent humor… Let’s take a look at Pop’s top 10 TikTok videos of 2021.

Let’s start with how Pop feels about the Dallas Cowboys...

Next, Pop gives Jason a scolding for not unlocking the door.

If you know Pop, you know he appreciates women and their booties, but would he buy her gas?

On this day, Pop gives Jason a hard time for wearing all black to work.

This time Pop reps Longview with the DMX Ruff Rdyer’s challenge on TikTok.

What’s Pop up to in this one? Well he’s looking for big booties.

This video of pop has been “loved” over 100,000 times! Are you tired of wearing masks?


Now for the Top 3 Pop Watch videos. These videos have been loved over 1,000,000 times each!

In this video, Pop comes banging on Jason’s door like the police wanting money.

With 2.4 million loves, this video is the second most loved Pop Watch tiktok of 2021. Don’t be touching Pop’s wallet!

Finally, the top Pop Watch TikTok of 2021…

Wanna win Pop Watch merchandise and help local charities? You can do that, too. Learn more on the Pop Watch Facebook Page. A quick scroll through the comments will show you how well loved Pop is. Many followers enjoy Pop's humor and find that reminds them of their own grandparents.


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