I'm getting pretty excited about this.

Downton Abbey returns this Fall, and this time the Crawley family expects royalty as they debut on the big screen. The pomp and circumstance surrounding the King's visit to Downton is on full display in the trailer, while the King and Queen are not.

I guess it's time to start binge watching this series from the beginning again. I'm more than happy to watch it for a third a fourth time, especially after the disappointing ending to Game of Thrones last weekend.

This series had its fair share of deaths, surprises and frustrations, but it also captivated fans with its incredible character development and dialogue.

I actually just recommended this series to a friend who was looking for something new to watch after GOT. No, it's not fantasy. There are no dragons, but there is exceptional British acting, and you'll recognize some of the players from GOT in DA.

I'm glad I renewed my Amazon Prime membership. Now, I know what I'll be doing Memorial Day weekend... beginning this award winning series again.



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