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Snow ice cream, yeah, it's a thing and it's great!

When my wife suggested we make snow ice cream, I looked at her with a puzzled look. "Snow ice cream?" I said. I had never heard of it. With as much snow as we had in the backyard, we could make enough snow ice cream for the entire neighborhood. Making it was rather simple. All it takes is three ingredients:

  • fresh 'white' snow
  • vanilla extract
  • can sweetened condensed milk

That's all you need to make a sweet frozen snack in just a few minutes with the loads of snow in your very own backyard right now. Wait until this weekend and the opportunity will pass you by!

I started by gathering eight to ten cups of fresh snow in a large mixing bowl. I put a couple of cups of snow in a smaller bowl, then added a couple of dashes of vanilla extract and then poured about a quarter can of sweetened condensed milk over the snow and began to fold the two together. Don't worry, it's not going to melt the snow. Continue mixing and folding in more snow along with the rest of the condensed milk until it begins to look like the consistency of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Once you get that perfect consistency, then you're done. No electric churn of the old ice cream machine, no ice and no rock salt needed. With these three things, you've got a perfect snack or dessert for you and the kids.

3 Ingredient Snow Ice Cream

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