Ah the Texas heat. We all know it too well. The preparations for another summer in the Lone Star State seems to always be going on don't they?

But is one truly prepared for a Lone Star Summer? You could argue that Texans are never set for the heat, because we've all had those moments of saying some choice words to the sun in the sky. But how hot is too hot?

It differs for each person. Some can take the heat well, while others can't stand it. But what if there was a temperature we'd all just groan at? Well about that...

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A Day Where Texas Might've Been A Well Done Steak

Texas heat can be a different beast. We've all at lived through a day where it is unnaturally warm. I mean, sometimes it's ends up being about 90 degrees in March, how does that even work?

Regardless, looking through Texas weather history, we can see when the Texas heat seemed to not be real, but it truly happened. In a surprise twist however, the record not only happening once, but TWICE!

According to SaveOnEnergy, back in the year of 1936 on August 12th, thermometers hit 120 degrees in Seymour, Texas. Which thinking about that heat just makes us a little uncomfortable.

But, as mentioned previously, this heat happened again, over 50 years later in 1994. On June 28th, 120 was hit once again, and some of us just started sweating again.

Hopefully, we won't ever have to deal with that heat again...but who knows what Mother Nature has in store for us...

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