I have attended many weddings in my lifetime and even been in a few (not as a groom), but you get the picture.  One of the most beautiful things about the wedding is the exchanging of vows between the bride and groom.  The Minister has the bride and groom repeat the following “I take this person to have and to hold.  For sickness and in health ‘til death do us part.” and one Texas couple did exactly that.

I found this beautiful story on KRPC Houston. Meet Tom and Delma Ledbetter, they have been married nearly 62 years and their story is simply amazing.  They met through mutual friends in their early 20’s and their first date was actually to “just move his car”.  They drove around the neighborhood for a few blocks and he simply took her hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek and the rest is history.

The Ledbetter’s were married three weeks later, had two daughters, followed by grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Then in April Delma fell ill and could not recover - within a few days Tom did as well.  They were both admitted to a nursing home and their beds were placed side by side. Sadly, Tom passed away and within 90 mins Delma passed as well. Their lives ended the same way it started - holding hands!

Reading about this beautiful couple really makes me believe in true love.  This was definitely a love story that had a happy ending.  God bless the family of Tom and Delma Ledbetter.  #RelationshipGoals

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