While everybody is doing their best to combat Hurricane Harvey which was downgraded to a Tropical Storm, there is one Houston woman had a nice surprise when she saw not one, but TWO alligators in her backyard.

Arlene Kelsch resides near Lake Olympia where she spotted an alligator in her backyard after the flooding effects of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. She checked on the gator from time to time, but around 1 pm she found the gator's friend - another gator in her backyard.

Video Source: Reality TV

Kelsch told the Houston Chronicle via email:

I went to check on him and saw he had moved to another part of my backyard, but it wasn’t the same alligator!  That’s when I see two swimming in the backyard.  Holy crap! Was my reaction, I felt relatively safe seeing them; it was kind of cool.  As long as I don’t open my door, I’m fine, but it’s still a little creepy.

Besides having visitors in her backyard Arlene’s home is holding up from the flooding as long as there’s a break from the rain.  She has also seen snakes in the water as well and is keeping an eye out there them in her home.

Houston’s Gator Squad was very busy when they responded to the Meyerland area to help remove a small from a flooded neighborhood.

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