This is one of the greatest ideas...Ever.

This past Wednesday (March 22), Uber teamed up with Petite Porkers to deliver piglets to offices for some cuddle time and helped raise money for a 4-H group.

It was a one day deal. If the office agreed to do it, someone could pull up the Uber app, select a special box and request a driver to bring piglets to their office for time to cuddle and play with the always cute piglets.

Petite Porkers via Instagram
Petite Porkers via Instagram
loading... got in on the action and reported that a portion of the proceeds went to Harris County 4-H.

This was in Houston, and for only one day, but if a group wants to put something like this together in East Texas, I am all for it. I don't think there is a person anywhere that would not love this.

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