The green beads and beers are expensive enough on St. Patrick's Day, and getting a DUI on top of that could make it the most expensive holiday ever. One group is teaming up with Uber to encourage everybody to take a sober ride home to save some lives and thousands of dollars too.

Uber is teaming up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving this weekend to encourage everyone to plan ahead for the St. Patrick's Day festivities and get a designated driver.

The two groups also united over the holidays to promote rideshare as a life-saving and convenient way to get home.  They're using #reasontoride to spread the word and eliminate excuses to drink and drive.

As a parent, wouldn't you just flip a lid if someone else's decision to drink and drive ended up hurting your kids?  There are no words.  Nobody needs to have a life change because of a drunk driving mistake.  It's not only dangerous, but it's expensive too.

We've talked about it before, and it's totally worth mentioning again that the real cost of a DUI in Texas is over $20,000.  That's so not worth one night out.  The group Arrive Alive estimated the pocket expense drivers face after a drunk driving conviction is more like $23,000 including court costs and fines, insurance costs, lawyer fees, and installing an ignition interlock system on your vehicle after the court orders it.

That Uber fare is feeling like a pretty good deal right now.  But the excuses are still out there.  "I’m the least drunk of my friends.” “I only had a couple of drinks.” “I need my car in the morning.”  MADD has heard them all.

Uber drivers have seen it all too, and they're expecting tipsy riders on Sunday night, and maybe some who are on the verge of passing out.  A little embarrassing maybe, but better than ending up in jail wearing green leggings and a shamrock headband.

We're bringing this up now so you can premeditate the Uber ride and not rely on your split-second decision-making ability on Sunday.  Have a great St. Patrick's Day weekend!  Now on with the corned beef and green beer.  Happy thoughts.

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