I want to start this post off with this little disclaimer: I am not making fun or mocking anyone and I definitely do not want to hurt anyone's feelings with the topic of this post!  There were several of us at dinner the other night and the conversation, as with any dinner was varied, but someone brought up the subject of words that are usually pronounced wrong here in East Texas.

I didn't grow up in East Texas, but close, though, in the Dallas metroplex, I know  Texas and East Texans have a special and distinct way of pronouncing our words. Heck, we're known throughout the world because of our southern accents!

Here are some of the words that came up on our short list and how they were described:

oil - many people say it like the word 'all'
espresso - somehow an 'x' gets in this word
jewelry - the 'l' often gets left out of this word
realtor - we sometimes make this a 3 syllable word and add an extra 'a' in the middle
sherbet - this cold word gets an extra 'r' placed in it

Also during that dinner conversation a lot of us  noticed that a lot of people have added a stray "S" to Walmart, making it Walmarts!

To help us all out with the proper pronunciation of these words, I've recorded them from the web with some help from Dictionary.com!






Now what other words can you think of that we as East Texans improperly pronounce?  Let me know by leaving them in the comment section below.

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