We're all pretty much adults here. Everyone talks or at least thinks about sex (at least that's what I tell myself). A recent study by Askmen.com reveals "The Most-Searched Sex Positions by State", and digs deeper by pinpointing local preferences and search rankings.

Before we continue, I must advocate the use of safe-sex policies. Texas doesn't bode well in STDs (Gregg County among the worst) and teen pregnancy rates and if you're going to do adult activities, you better behave like one.

K, now that the lecture is over we can have some fun (but not too much!).

Courtesy of Askmen.com
Courtesy of Askmen.com

Askmen.com mined Google Adwords data as the state level and determined not only how Americans like to be behind closed doors, but how people turn to the Internet for inspiration. After looking at the data, I'm very curious as to how searches are quantified by singles and married couples looking to 'spice things up'.

Americans Google sex positions at a rate of approximately 4.5 searches per 1,000 residents. In general, it appears the less populated a state, the more likely that search volume goes up. So in Texas' case, we're actually below the national average with 3.3 positions searched per 1,000 residents. The popularity in search terms are as follows with the most being at the top:

  • Doggy style
  • 69
  • Facesitting
  • Cowgirl (duh)
  • Missionary

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