Yesterday I started feeling bad. I was getting a little achy, feeling run-down, sneezing, etc. I knew what was coming ... the dreaded, Summer Cold.

I've been pretty lucky, and have avoided colds and sickness for the last year, but of course I get hit with one now. I did a quick search for cold remedies which led me to sites like this one: How to Treat  Summer Colds for Dummies. That was pretty helpful, but sometimes I prefer natural remedies, because I really don't have time to go see the doctor right now.

I've been guzzling water like it's my job, and taking echinacea to try to keep it at bay, and yet I'm sitting here now with a stuffy head, runny nose, achy shoulders and tired eyes. According to US News & World Report it could be allergies, but whatever the cause - I need the symptoms to stop.

What's your advice on getting over a summer cold? Do you have a tried and true solution that can help me knock out this head cold fast? Leave your suggestions in the comment section.

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