My fiancé and I have not experienced a date night in months, like everyone else in the world, we got caught up, and once the strict restrictions were lifted, we didn't bother to make any plans for a date night. I know, not okay, we just got comfortable with takeout and staying home. However, our dry spell of date nights ended last night.

My brother had called me and said "You NEED to come to The Experience with David Magee, he's a mentalist and a hilarious entertainer. I can't put into words how much fun you guys will have." So my fiancé and I made the trip to Tyler, Texas. I had the intention to go in watch a quick show and walk out and rush back to the SBC. It was a change of pace that I wasn't ready for, but we reluctantly changed things up and headed to "date night".

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

We showed up to "The Experience" down in the Cellar at Villa Montez and there were maybe 30 people there. None of us knew what to expect, we grabbed our hand sanitizer and sat down. Can I just skip forward and say "What in the actual what?" I don't want to ruin "The Experience" for you but let me tell you, this Mentalist messed with my head and everyone else in the building. The gasps and wow's were not in short supply, we all were flabbergasted, the things this mentalist pulled off were AMAZING.

The whole drive home I'd keep looking at my partner and go "Dude, I can't believe he guessed that ladies dead cats name!" and "I can't believe he was able to read that lady's mind" I realize none of these comments make sense. However, I got home and realized I escaped from this world, for half a day I didn't think about financial worries, I didn't think of COVID-19, I didn't even remember there was a presidential election on the way.

Have we gotten so used to living life in "quarantine" that we have forgotten how to date and how to escape? "The Experience" with David Magee was not just a night of fun, it was a reality check. did I really need a mentalist to snap me out of the rut that I was in? I guess I forgot what live entertainment felt like. Thank you for the escape David Magee, my relationship and my mental health thank you. I will make a point to find some kind of live entertainment that follows all the socially distant protocols. Life feels good today, I want to keep this feeling alive.


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