I love online shopping. Actually I love to shop in general, but shopping brick and mortars has become increasingly time consuming. For me, online shopping is quick and easy. I use it primarily for tea and office supplies, but it's fun to see what others are searching for online state by state.

Estately compiled a "...map of the products each state Googled more frequently than other states when shopping online within the last year." Looking at the map below, you'll find that Texans are searching for Motorized Kayaks. Seriously, That's what we're searching for?

At least I don't live in West Virginia where the most commonly searched for item is a Confederate Flag bikini. In Virginia they're searching for Puka shell necklaces, while Louisiana needs more flex seal.

In California, there's apparently a baby boom, because they are most frequently searchin for 'baby on board' stickers. Need to chill? They might could help you in Arizona where they are frequently searching for 'marijuana seeds for sale.'

I guess we should introduce Arizona to Iowa where they are searching for lava lamps. This map is cracking me up!




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