I don't know how this one passed me by, but it did. Taylor Swift apparently left us a few Easter Eggs during her recent visit with Ellen, and I missed all of it.

I don't often take the time to watch daytime TV, but if I do - it's Ellen. Honestly, until I listened to Taylor's 1989 album I wasn't really a fan. I thought she had some catchy songs, but I didn't follow her career closely, or care if she was dating anyone.

Her many visits on Ellen over the years, which are recapped prior to her recent interview, are a great review of what her fans have come to love about her. They not only follow her music, but her love interests, friendships and her favorite things.

Taylor talks about her previous visits to the show like when Ellen scared her with a hidden camera backstage in the bathroom. She also plays burning questions, and answers a few things, while dodging others.

They even discussed how Taylor chose not to promote her last album, Reputation. With this project, which she did not reveal details about, she's choosing to promote her work again.

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