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We are constantly on the move and there is always someone or something demanding our time and attention and ALWAYS wanting to add to our 'to do' list.

It's time to pump the brakes and treat yourself by getting pampered for an hour or so.

Life is coming at you from all angles. From the demands of the job, demands of running the house, soon-to-be demands of school and all the activities that come along with it, demands from friends, demands of keeping up with the bills, and what you're mom is up to! No wonder we're stressed out. There are a lot of demands upon us each day.

All of those demands build up stress and if you don't relax soon, you will explode!

So it's about time you take a day for yourself or in this case at least an hour for yourself, by winning a gift card for a 50-minute massage from Hand And Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Tyler.


Interact with each entry point below to earn an entry to win this stress-reducing prize from Hand And Stone Massage and Facial Spa in the Village At Cumberland Park in Tyler. Now if you don't want the massage, you can use it for one of their many other services. Services like facials - the classic, for men or teens, microdermabrasion, hair removal, cryo-slimming, or other services.

Whatever you use it for, simply relax and de-stress. You deserve it because we don't want to scare you, but the most stressful part of the year will be here before you know it. Relax now and get rejuvenated.

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