A car crash is a very serious and scary thing, but for some reason I'm mesmerized by dash cam video of them.

Believe it or not, I'm not on Facebook all that much, hard to believe I know! One day last week though when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed endlessly, I ran across this compilation video that an acquaintance had liked and posted on their wall and it showed up on my news feed. It was a video compilation made up of car crashes. Some minor and then others seemed to be quite more serious. Now they didn't show anyone getting hurt, but I know there were injuries because some of these crashes were pretty violent.

I think what drew me in after watching a few seconds of this video was the unpredictability of when it was going to happen to an unsuspecting driver. These crashes were caught on dashboard cameras and surveillance cameras showing the unpredictability of when a crash will happen. In some cases you could see it coming, but others will leave you guessing when it's going to happen, because you know at some point a crash will occur.

I know that every time I get behind the steering wheel I could be involved in an accident. Seeing this video has made me slow down a bit and be more thoughtful while driving, because there are so many others out there that aren't paying attention.

After talking to a co-worker about this, he asked me if I had seen the video of the crash in San Antonio where these cars were sitting in a dual left turn lane and all of a sudden this car comes barrelling down the turn lane and rear ends a Jeep Wrangler and sends it flying and skidding on its side while it continues to hit three other vehicles while it flipped on its side too. I told him know and he pulled up the following video on YouTube.

I sat there and watched it a few times and thought how that could be any one of us as we sit in traffic each and every day.

I believe we should take more time and be aware of our surroundings and slow down while driving, but I'm in the real world and know that's not going to happen. People will still text and drive, read books while driving, hit the gas instead of the brake, race the other car, put on makeup, eat a cheeseburger and still get into wrecks. All you can do is try your best and look out for yourself, because the other drivers sure aren't looking out for you.

Be safe out there on the roads.

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