There are three sides to the Whataburger versus In-N-Out Burger debate in Texas; Whataburger is the greatest, In-N-Out Burger sucks, In-N-Out Burger is the greatest, Whataburger sucks, neither Whataburger or In-N-Out Burger are any good. While Whataburger dominates in East Texas, there are a contingent of people who do want an In-N-Out Burger somewhere in East Texas. A sign that sits in the Village at Cumberland Park in Tyler, Texas has reignited that debate and actually sets up a very interesting burger fight scenario if everything lines up.

New Sign in Tyler

A sign sits right now in the Village at Cumberland Park in Tyler showing that that a new Whataburger is coming soon to that spot along South Broadway. One follower of All Things Tyler on Facebook questioned why Tyler would need another Whataburger considering that there is one just a mile and a half away in front of Walmart on South Broadway. Sure, this would make the 14th location for a Whataburger in Tyler but what's even more interesting is who owns the spot right next to where that new store is being built.

Currently, we do not have any plans to open a restaurant in Tyler, but we do know it’s a wonderful community. Thanks again for checking in with us.

That above quote is what I got directly from In-N-Out Burger Assistant Vice President of Real Estate and Development through their Marketing Communications Specialist when I asked if they were building in Tyler. The company has owned the corner lot of South Broadway and Centennial Parkway since 2017. Whataburger will build their store right next to that spot.

Michael Gibson - Townsquare Media / Google Maps
Michael Gibson - Townsquare Media / Google Maps

My Opinion of In-N-Out Burger

Personally, I would welcome In-N-Out Burger to Tyler. I tried them for the first time in 2021 in Frisco. Overall, I thought the burger was good but not better than Whataburger. Why In-N-Out Burger has been paying taxes to the City of Tyler since 2017 on an empty piece of property is something I do not know. Maybe In-N-Out Burger had to adjust their plans for a new store and are just holding on to the property until they can get back around to it. Who knows but it's really up to them when they want to finally build.

All I know is, having another Whataburger in Tyler isn't a big deal. We have Starbucks everywhere and I don't see many complaining about that except for me. I don't drink a lot of coffee and certainly don't want to go to a place that uses made up words to order an overpriced cup of joe. This will be Tyler's 14th location keeping it in the top 10 for the number of Whataburger stores in a city.

We just need to get that In-N-Out Burger built next to this new Whataburger so we can finally have that ultimate burger debate while sitting in the respective parking lots next to each other. Maybe a real food fight would break out during the debate.

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