FINALLY. All of the autocorrects your phone makes change "of" to "if" or "so" to "do" can be edited in your Instagram captions. This might be the best news we've heard all day.

Let's all take a moment to reflect on those times when we've been in such a big hurry that we forgot to double-check our Instagram caption before hitting post. Misspelled words, accidental punctuation marks, forgetting to add the best location name you've ever thought of and many more errors have been made in Instagram history. But those problems end here.

As of today, Instagram has released an update that allows users to edit their captions by pressing the [...] button on their photos and selecting "Edit." Say goodbye to all those errors you've grown to embrace over the years and say hello to perfectly punctuated and spelled captions from here on out. But beware, if you do make a mistake and need to edit the caption, all of your followers will see that your caption has been edited from the original.

Enjoy the update and happy captioning!

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