Watching crime shows has always been a fun hobby, it's just interesting to get a peek into these dangerous situations or people. Which I why I ended up down the rabbit hole of looking up criminals here in the state of Texas. I just wondered what kind of public information was out there and turns out there is a lot. Here are some of the most interesting things I found out about criminals on Death Row here in Texas.

First, I started looking at the statistics of everyone who was on Death Row in the state of Texas which is a total of 198 people. There are 192 men and 6 women and you can actually look up details on each of their cases including their date of offense or the county in which the crime took place.

There is a List of Texas Inmates That Have Been Executed

You can see a running list of so many inmates here in Texas that have been executed for their crimes. There are listings that begin on December 7th, 1982 and a total of 573 executions since that date, each listing has case information as well as the inmates last statement. And if you click here there is a list of scheduled executions, there are currently three scheduled for 2022.

There is a List of Individuals No Longer on Death Row in Texas

There are many reasons why someone might not be on Death Row in Texas any longer including having their conviction reversed, death in custody, suicide, or the most common being the sentenced being reduced to life in prison. You can click here and see a long list of people who at one point were on Death Row and are no longer on that list.

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