There's one town in East Texas that is renowned for it's paranormal activity. Some call it charming, and others creepy. 

Jefferson was once the place to be. In the 1800's it was a Steamboat port town, and a bustling cosmopolitan center. Many agricultural products were transported to Jefferson, and loaded onto steamboats and shipped out. From 1845 till 1875, it was a boom town, as the Big Cypress Bayou allowed access to and from New Orleans.

With the expansion of railroads, and the lowering of the water level in the bayou, things began to change. Now Jefferson may be most notable as a center of paranormal activity.

Every Friday and Saturday night, historian Jodi Breckenridge hosts a Ghost Walk through town.  Tours startt at 8 pm and last approximately 90 minutes. Tours are avaliable other days upon request with enough people.

Tour departs now from the Sandwhich Shoppe, Old Kahn Saloon, on the corner of Austin and Vale. The site advises visitors to check the weather and dress accordingly. Tickets are sold at 7:30, or can be purchased early from the Sandwich Shoppe.

This particular tour even takes you inside a haunted location. I've been on this tour, and it's as creepy as you might expect. Check out this video captured on the tour.

The ghost walk website even cites The Longview News-Journal with a story about director Steven Speilberg's experience staying at the Excelsior House.

"Steven Spielberg stayed one night about 40 years ago. He awoke terrified as he saw an apparition of a little boy standing by his bed asking him if he was ready for breakfast."



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