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It has one of the most charming downtown areas in all of East Texas and it's full of history and discovery. Visiting downtown Kilgore, Texas you can get lost in learning about the oil boom and the history of this small East Texas town thanks to the East Texas Oil Museum. There's more to Kilgore too, you can check out the Texas Museum of Broadcasting & Communication, the Rangerette Showcase and Museum, Kilgore College and so many other charming locations to visit and learn about.

However, there is one charming place though that you'll want to stay away from and it's called the Bulldog Bed & Breakfast. If you've heard of this place, you know why you want to avoid it.

The Kilgore Chamber of Commerce encourages tourists to stop by and visit the World's Richest Acre at any time. They want you to learn about Kilgore's rich history and the role it plays in shaping the Texas economy in the early days, but please leave your dirty stuff at home.

The Kilgore Police Department is always keeping a watchful eye on patrol and this past Sunday night they made a pretty significant arrest. Circumstances surrounding the arrest are not known, only the outcome. The arrest resulted in the seizure of the following items:

  • several large bags of Ecstasy
  • 1 large bag of Ecstasy laced gummy worms
  • crack cocaine
  • some green stuff
  • a pistol
  • 1 full bottle of promethazine (codeine which is also known as sizzurp, syrup, or purple drank)

Thanks to the alert women and men in blue, this suspect was arrested and is now waiting for a judge after spending the night at the Bulldog Bed & Breakfast.

The Kilgore PD has the saying, 'If you can't do the time, don't do the crime in Kilgore!'

Now you know why you'll want to stay away from the charming place called the Bulldog Bed & Breakfast in Kilgore.

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