As a guy, I have a rule for myself, I will never dig in a woman's purse. Why? Because I'll get swallowed into a black hole of which there is no return. Ladies, how ya'll keep up with what's in there I'll never know.

And to be honest, a woman's purse is like Thor's hammer, guys will never be worthy to pick it up...because there's so much in there.

But then, women have purses, some guys have the wallet that's overstuffed with receipts, notes and other stuff. Not mine, I'm not fond of sitting crooked.

I will say, though, having the air compressor in the purse is a brilliant idea.

The wine and glasses is good, too. If you could add some whiskey and a couple of shot glasses, I may fall in love.

I hope you enjoyed this video and check out more from It's A Southern Thing at their Youtube channel.

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