One of the best acting duos of all time is set to star in a new Texas-based comedy show and we can't wait, according to an online news source based in San Antonio, Texas.

Here's the thing: I love both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. They are incredibly talented actors, not to mention very passionate and caring individuals in other aspects of their lives--at least so it seems. And I like them both in different ways, professionally speaking.

Woody Harrelson has been making most of us laugh quite heartily since he joined the cast of Cheers, arguably one of the best comedy shows ever. Plus, I appreciate how much he seems to care about people, animals, and the environment.

Matthew McConaughey is not only handsome as heck with his smirky, Southern vibe but also a sincerely great actor--both in dramas and comedies. He ALSO seems to sincerely care about his fellow human beings and has even entertained the notion of running for public office. Plus, he also seems quite introspective and philosophical which I personally find fascinating.

But then when you put these guys together, the dramatic synergy they manifest is amazingly good.

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Did you ever watch Season 1 of True Detective? It came out in 2014, I believe. Like many, I was blown away. It was such a great show in all of its macabre glory--and THESE guys brought it to life in a way that keeps that season of True Detective in my mind even today. Watch it, if you've not already. They also starred together in 'EdTV.' I've not seen that one...yet.

So, when I heard yesterday that McConaughey and Harrelson would be joining forces yet again to star in another show, I was so excited. Unlike True Detective, this new Texas-based show is a comedy. And since both actors are Texas natives, we are even more stoked to see it.

What do we know about the new Texas-based comedy they'll be starring in so far?

According to a report from, this new show, which they'll also be exec producing, will feature both men and their families living on McConaughey's ranch here in Texas and will focus on their 'strange and beautiful bond' as they are put in situations where that unique bond will be tested.

The show will air on Apple TV+, but we don't know as of yet when the show will be released.

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