Those menacing wild pigs that destroy our yards and sometimes attack our pets or livestock can now be hunted without a license in Texas. Governor Gregg Abbott has signed Senate Bill 317, written by Mineola representative Bryan Hughes, into law according to KLTV. The law will go into effect September 1.

"I've been killing hogs on my property for years, now. This isn't news."

We get it. But it is news because now it's 100% legal. Actually, there was already a law that said you could kill them but only if they were damaging your property. This new law changes that. If you see one, turn it into bacon.

We'll be more than happy to accept some from you.

It's no secret how much of a problem feral hogs are in Texas, especially in East Texas. Around 2001 or so, I had one run out in front of me on my way to the station. My hit killed it but it did a number on my bumper and grill of my S-10.

Happy hunting, friends.

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