It's one of the longest running daytime soap operas on TV and today marks the end of an era for All My Children.  After entertaining millions of people since 1970, today's episode of All My Children will be it's last on network television.  It will also mark the last time you'll see one of the show's most famous characters too.  More after the jump.

Susan Lucci, who has portrayed Erica Kane since the shows inception in 1970, will be making her final appearance on the show this afternoon.  Erica has been through a countless number of husbands, yelled at by just about everyone and has been in some very interesting situataions that probalby you and I would never be in!

Although the show is ending its run on network television, All My Children, is expected to reappear as an online program set to debut sometime in January.  Although this reincarnation will not feature Susan Lucci though, because she and the production company couldn't strike up the right deal so she has decided to walk away fromt the show all together.

This afternoon's show is expected to take a look back at the shows more significant story lines along with the characters that have been on since Pine Valley made it's debut in 1970.

Some of the shows most famous alumni include Kelly Ripa, Josh Duhamel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christian Slater, and Kim Delaney just to name a few!

What are your memories of All My Children?  Will you miss it?  Will you follow it when it appears online in January?

The following is the teaser promo that ABC has been running for the series finale this afternoon.

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