I had the pleasure of attending an amazing conference last weekend in Dallas with a group of people who are committed to improving the lives of those around them. It was amazing.

We heard story after story of what it takes to overcome adversity and move forward with a positive mindset. With the challenges that we are all facing in the world, it seems fitting to share some of what I learned this weekend.

Our lives have purpose. If you believe as I do, then you know you were placed here at this time for a specific reason. It may or may not have anything to do with what your current occupation is, but you have purpose. I’ve been pondering my own purpose for quite some time.

I know that I want to be a light in this world, a bright spot in someone’s day. I want to be remembered as someone who offers a smile, a compliment or small gesture of generosity that improved someone else’s day.

We never know what the ripple effect we may have will be in this world, but we can start by offering kindness and love. With so many opportunities to be divided by ideology, politics and hatred, I believe it’s important to look within and focus on our purpose and how we can make a small difference.

The Keynote speaker at our conference was Simon T. Bailey. He spoke about how we can focus on putting other people’s needs above our own and offering hope. He invited us to see our own brilliance, and find a way to share it with others. This not only benefits us, by giving us peace to live within our own purpose, but it benefits those around us when we are operating at our best.

Want to unlock your own brilliance, and shift into your authentic purpose? Check out this video from Simon T. Bailey and shift yourself into a better alignment.


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